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Simplifying The Complex
This full-stack of automated ops yields big results, making it easier to carry out unique experiences for any organization. From integrating a variety of Red Hat software tools to better tracking for Cluster Health, this latest iteration has something for everyone. Uncover the full potential of OpenShift 4.x.

Operator Framework — Optimizing installation & delivery of components.
CoreOS —Improved security, maintenance and consistency.
Service Mesh — More efficient communication + increased resiliency.
Knative Framework — Server-less execution of code.

Problems Solved? Not Exactly.

Custom experiences will require custom solutions, and that’s where trouble can surface. A platform as powerful as OpenShift can isolate you and your team from some low value tasks, but…

What if something goes wrong

What maintenance should I plan to do?

How do I know my cluster is okay?

What if something goes wrong?
What maintenance should I plan to do?
How do I know my cluster is okay?

Answers Ahead.

Unlike the approach of some webinars, we understand your business doesn’t live in a vacuum. It resides in the real world, with real-time scenarios. So the need to understand what’s behind the curtain is CRUCIAL. Crossvale succeeds in taking OpenShift operational, and preparing enterprises in its full assortment of capabilities:
  • Cloud Computing (Infrastructure)
  • Networking (Operations)
  • Container Cybersecurity (Security)
  • Data & Applications Migration (Applications)
  • Automation & Operators (DevOps)

If you’ve purchased, or plan to purchase OpenShift 4.x — DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY — to learn from the experts at Crossvale. And if you have questions, or would like to attend but your schedule won’t allow, let us know and we’ll get you a recording after the webinar.